(Anything But) Silence



While the audible noise is at zero, there is plenty being said.

Between you and me and all the ways and all the whys of how you and I are so incredibly different.  We may be silent, but inside I am anything but.  I scream “How could you possibly be so selfish?” My stomach burns and my lips tighten and I start counting the score…again.  I imagine me standing, screaming all the things I want you to see, all the reasons why I want more from you, more for you.  I look at the man you’ve been to me and I see so much, so very stinkin’ much you have to share and I can’t stop wondering “Why?”  Are we really so different?  Is what drives me, makes me breathe, wakes me up in the morning and keeps me awake at night so completely different from you?  And if it is, then what?

What does that mean?  Is it then two lives running parallel or is it moments of diversion, moments of union?  Do I really need it to be all together?  Would I really want it that way?  I am angry that you do not see like I do,  yet that is what I love in you.  You see things in me I cannot see.  You point to the truth I cannot perceive.  You have a way of knowing what I’ll do that drives…me…crazy.  You let me breathe and cheer me on when I stop believing in what is possible.  You let me be me.  More.  You celebrate.

So now, let the silence be my teacher.  Let me see you with new eyes.  Let me notice fresh your needs, your fears, your passions, your heartaches.  Let me be the one to celebrate.

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