This is my girl, Lilly.  She is deaf.  It’s a good thing she has a kitty friend to guide her around.  We adopted two cats at the same time from a shelter a few years ago. Lilly loves to be near people but prefers to be ON them.  Her partner in sweet crime is a  big fan of my crochet projects.  When the yarn comes out, he takes that as his personal invitation to stretch out on my pattern book and go to sleep.  The calming energy they give out – amazing.

I talk to my students often about the beautiful variety of creatures God created.  Why did He do that?  Because it made Him happy and, I firmly believe, He wanted to make us happy. I love that He bothered to put such sweetness into the creatures He asked us to care for.

Here’s to calm, snuggly nights with sweet ones.


L’il Ol’ Sheep

This little guy is more a representation of me than anything else.  Sheep are not the brightest creatures on earth. I seem to have to relearn some lessons over and over.  You know?   I’m always thinking I have to be the one to plan, to see ahead, to think through and be prepared for things – what a joke.  Only God has access to the future, has the plan, and the power to carry it out.  The question is then, how long will I go my own way trying to see ahead to things I can’t see and try to control things I can’t really control?  When I grab on with both hands for dear life I end up choking the life out of myself.  So, here I go again – reminding the little sheep to just pay attention and follow the Shepherd.
“To Him who is able to keep you from stumbling…be glory and majesty.”  Jude 24-25