Waiting for Spring


As the snows have now, hopefully, come and gone and the air turns sweet and warm, our bird feeders have been attracting more and more native Tennesseans.  The variety has surprised me.  Home sick one day I was able to see a little “garden party” in our backyard. Robins, cardinals, finches, chickadees, bluejays, starlings, and even a couple of mourning doves enjoyed seed while the squirrels munched on corn.  It was probably the most peaceful I’d felt in weeks.  I was captivated watching them. I was inspired then to redo “Mom’s Chickadee” in a softer color palette. It was my little tribute to those little guys – so expertly made, so tiny.  Next to come will be a cardinal.  I can’t get enough of them either –  the bright fiery red against the pale of the branches.  If God took such great care to create them in their amazing variety – and these were just East Tennessee birds! – what does that say about the care he takes for us!  As I found serious, surprisingly deep joy in watching them, it occurred to me that God must take serious, deep joy in His children, too.  For Him to know the very number of hairs on our heads means He MUST take such deep interest in all that we are and do.  Why are we so afraid of Him sometimes?  He is so gentle.  So loving.  And wants so badly to wrap us in His arms to love and forgive us if we will just come and ask for it.  He truly does make all things new.  Amazing.  When the Bible says, “God is love,” it is sooo astoundingly true.  So, here’s to a Father who knows intimately and loves deeply all He has created.  Here’s to the promise of Spring.  And, especially, here’s to the One who died to make us new!