You’ve heard the expression “turning over a new leaf,” well, I just feel like I’ve been turning lately. Nothing new yet, just going through the process and waiting for the newness to emerge. For something wonderful to come out of the blah-ness. For a month I’ve felt terrible. I thought I was heading toward some form of chronic fatigue, or thyroid problems, or who knows what. Turns out vitamin d deficiency is extremely common in women despite the amount of sunlight you may get. Ladies… get your levels checked!!!

My pastor spoke Sunday on a verse that is posted in my classroom. A verse I overlook, obviously. “I am the vine, you are the branches.” John 15:5 It really resonated with me. Why? I like to be the vine. Then I wonder why I’m so exhausted. Turns out a branch can’t be the vine. Who knew? What a different message Christ gives than the one the world gives. The world says, “push harder, go faster, do more, be more excellent, get ahead.” Seems that when I try to follow that mentality I only end up pushing myself to the edge, exhausted, frayed, frustrated and spent. How does that translate into a daily life experience, though? The message God has made sure to reiterate to me quite a few times lately is, “Stay in the moment. I am in the moment. I have tomorrow. If you try to take it from me you destroy the peace I’ve given you for today. You don’t need to figure it all out. You aren’t supposed to have the answers. Rely on me. Fear not. Don’t push so hard. My strength is made perfect in your weakness. Just walk with me. Trust me.”

So, I guess I’ll just be content with the turning… and let Him do the new leaf thing. He’s much better qualified. 🙂 Peace everyone!