His Beloved


The school where I work has weekly worship services and collects offering to support various missions throughout the school year.  Jesus spoke often about taking care of the poor, the widows, and the orphans.  Last year our little school raised $1000.00 to purchase a “Jesus Well” for Gospel for Asia ministries.  The need for these wells is so incredibly urgent and dire.  The “Untouchables,” as their called, are often shunned away from wells that the higher-ups in society gather water from because they are considered worthless, unclean, an abomination. These women must walk for miles in hopes of getting water. Their stories will change how you feel about your everyday life.  Hopefully, it will inspire you to do more, to see more clearly how your life, your struggles, your resources can be a blessing to someone else. You can read these stories and many others about how Gospel for Asia ministries is changing lives through Christ at http://www.gfa.org/.

The portrait is a blend of a few photos I researched on line.  After reading again yesterday how GFA is working to address the great needs of people in Asia, I felt compelled to do a portrait.  Here is my attempt at honoring the women of courage who fight daily to provide for their children, overcome abuse, and merely survive.  May God show us all how to use the resources He has given us to reach out to others for Him. God’s peace.

8 x 8 acrylic on canvas


Stir Fry


I took a picture of these peppers one evening before cutting them up for stir fry.  The painting began as kind of a different approach for me…more like an experiment.  I worked with some acrylic medium I’d never used before.  I didn’t love the transluscent effect it gave the paint and ended up feeling as if I’d overworked what began as a nice free piece.  I’m going to try it again with a bigger brush and allow myself less brush strokes.  It was a fun nights project.

I am determined I’m going to begin doing some experimenting with different tools and mediums which means getting away from the idea of a finished piece and allowing myself to mess up a lot in order to learn.  Will be worth it though.

8 x 8 Acrylic
God’s blessings everyone.

My (18) Blessings


This post is dedicated to my 18 2nd and 3rd grade students, who happily dedicated their artistic talents for a class art project to be auctioned off at our annual spring auction.  It was a lot of fun to put all of their handiwork on one canvas and see how it came together.  They were thrilled. They have learned that their teacher is pretty crazy about birds, and now I find drawings of birds tucked away, folded neatly, and sheepishly handed to me throughout the day.  They are a very sweet, loving group of kids.  I may have to bid on this one!

God’s blessings, everyone!

The Missing Piece


This painting was inspired by the Rookie Painter challenge for this month. Apparently, I like the color combo of the orange and blue shades with yellow, seeing as how my last two paintings share those colors. It just felt right for this one. I’m feelin’ something purple comin’ on, or maybe I’ll finally finish that portrait I’ve been meaning to get to. I owe my dad a painting whose reference photo takes my breath away… scared to death of that one. I’m going to have to just dig in and go for it. Just enjoying the day off today and the fact that tomorrow we are all off work/school and get to enjoy the day together. Amazingly, I am tongue-tied. No big thoughts tonight. Just gratitude.
God bless.

10 x 10
acrylic and oil pastel
email for info regardng this painting

Chris and Angie’s Roses


The photo for this painting was taken at my (baby) sister’s home in Monterey, CA. She and her husband are stationed there…yeah, rough, huh?! 🙂 I took the photo for this painting during an awesome 5 day stay last summer. I’m longing for the truly breathtaking beauty I saw there…but mostly missing my sister. This is a surprise for her. At least until she sees this blog. I am incredibly blessed to have two fantastic sisters. Love you girls!