I Can Almost Breathe




It has been a long, long winter.  People in the south are not accustomed to winter.  Ask anyone who has lived here for more than 10 years and they will tell you that winters here do not require parkas, snow boots, sleds, or any other winter weather gear.  If we receive more than 1 inch it is a miracle of nature.  A normal winter is weather in the forties with an occasional dip into the thirties.  But this year?  I am lost.  I fear I am headed for a case of S.A.D.

I have to preface this by saying that I am usually able to find solace in a movie, a crochet project, or a good book.  Sometimes things sneak up on you, though.  I didn’t realize how truly affected I was by the cold, the snow, the overcast days of gloom until a tiny clearing in the sky and the mere mention of spring flowers made my heart jump.  Hope ignited.  Just the thought of warm sun on my back and the children in my class during recess running wild OUTSIDE instead of cooped up in a gym, voices echoing.  Sigh.  Just bliss, I tell you.  I caught sight of it and, I kid you not, I inhaled.  Not just a breath, I mean I sucked wind.  It was as if my heart itself were saying, “It’s almost here!  Wahoooo!”  Yes, we say that in the south.  Can’t you feel it?!

Tonight as I sit here checking the weather for another possible snow storm I will laugh at Winter.  I have seen the glimmer of things to come.  I shall rejoice.  With my “Yahoo!” and my “Yeehaw!”  and a few timely “Amen”s here and there.  Hope has arrived.

And, I can almost breathe.


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5 thoughts on “I Can Almost Breathe

  1. Spring is coming, spring is coming, spring is coming! I, too, am tired of indoor recess. I am hit by fewer projectiles when we’re outside. Out of doors, I stand a fighting chance. It’s not really going to snow, is it? I can’t decide what to hope for. A snow day is nice, but the thought of spring is heavenly!

      • I thought I would suffocate if I couldn’t get out. I’m still not sure. I took my car in for an oil change and came out with a $360.00 bill, actually painted a picture, finally finished my “About Me” section – why is it I can blog about all of my feelings but writing “about me” is so agonizing? I made banana muffins (with sour cream – they MUST be made with sour cream), and now I sit pondering whether to push through my huge resentment and distaste for house cleaning and “Just Do IT” or have a lovely glass of wine and paint some more. I also worked on the writing assignment project I talked with you about…ugh. Painful. How is your family surviving? Or rather, how are you surviving?

      • I will vote “Forget cleaning. PAINT!” I hate to hear about the car! OUCH!

        Things have been low-key here, which is perfectly fine with me. No writing, but I start rewrites on Monday. I have a character rattling around in my head, too, and I have to decide if she is short story or full-length. Time will tell.

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