Peacock Feathers


Thank you, thank you Dean Nimmer!  I’ve been checking out Dean Nimmer’s book, Art From Intuition: Overcoming Your Fears and Obstacles To Making Art.  I sure did need a break.  I’ve been doing that thing that I think many people do – spending way too much time looking at other people’s art and way too little time exploring it for myself.  Obviously, if you’ve read my posts before, you know that I am certainly NOT one who makes any kind of a living from what I paint.  Some of you are now saying, “Yes, and it’s a good thing!” Ha. Anyway, I had forgotten why I love art so much – because it is FUN.  Life, I think, like art is always a learning process.  You stop growing, you may as well not get out of bed as far as I’m concerned.  I love teaching, love learning new things, and pray I will never feel fully satisfied but will continue to look for ways to grow and improve in all areas of my life. A friend said, “When you stop being hungry, you’re dead.”  On that note, here is my exercise in creative freedom.  It was fun.  I enjoyed the process this time and didn’t worry about the end result.  I believe I’m going to do more of that.  Life should be fun.  It’s a gift.  Hope it makes you smile today.

God’s blessings.  And, thank you Dean.