Freeform Trees


Wow. I’m amazed (and embarrassed) it’s been so long since I’ve posted! I’ve been trying to get my head into getting back into the classroom while hanging on to the last shreds of summer. I guess all of my creativity is being utilized elsewhere?! This painting I’ve called “freeform trees” because when I began it I had no intention of doing trees, and, well, they are so free form. I picked up the color and just began moving it around the canvas. Autumn colors are my favorite so I just had to add them up against the vivid blue background. I enjoyed myself. I’m ready for fall, for the cool in the air, the smell and crunch of the leaves. I’m ready for cool mornings, hot chocolate, chicken pot pie in the evenings, a great glass of wine that warms you going down. Ahhhh. I think about the wonderful changes that make each season a welcome change and I can’t help but smile and appreciate the Creator who enjoys variety so much He included it in each and every thing He created. I love that about Him. It’s like He knew we’d get bored, need change, want to take in the splendor of new and different things, but needed a bit of security and familiarity too. As a painting novice, and one of His kids, I gotta respect that even more. And how cool is it that He lets us enjoy being creative and gave us so much to inspire us.

God’s blessings.
10 x 10