Our Cardinal


Well, friends, I haven’t had the time to paint this little guy yet, but he sure did make an impression. It was a bit tricky making it outside onto our back deck to get a photo of this little guy at our feeder.  Anyone looking at our little suburbian yard would think we are insane.  Two suet feeders, two finch socks, two seed feeders, and a large feeder with a great perch for cardinals….and it is a haven for local wildlife. My nine year old asked, “Mom, do you think we went a bit overboard?”  In the beginning, I would’ve answered “yes,” but when I look outside and see every single feeding station covered with birds of one type or another, I have to say, “No, it’s not too much.” 

God has really blessed me through the visits of these little guys.  I’ve spent a great deal of time searching internet sites to learn the names of all of the little ones who visit our feeders.  Yesterday a little tufted titmouse left the safety of the tree to come close to the house and perched himself on our deck chairs.  He modeled for me for a good 20 seconds before flying off.  He was the cutest thing I think I’ve seen, besides my son when he was born. 🙂  I cannot get past the though that all of this was created for His good pleasure.  When I think about why I like to create things and remember that this too is just a small taste of what my Heavenly Father is like – that, like Him, I enjoy being creative just to enjoy the process, it quiets my heart, stills my spirit, and makes me catch my breath.  We are created in His image.  So, when I find delight in His creation, I am really delighting in Him.  Nothing happens without His knowing.  Nothing that is could’ve been in existance except that He made it so.  And, why?  Because, as Genesis says, “God saw that it was good.”  Nothing good comes except by the Father.  How blessed, how fortunate, how lavishly loved and treasured am I that in this small corner of the world – a suburb no less, He would bless me by the visitation of these little creatures of His.  How beautiful.  How different each one is.  What a great and mighty God.  What a loving Father.  What a precious King.  What love. God’s blessings everyone!  Happy Spring!


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