Red Breasted Robin…yum?


After much debate in my household, the title was chosen for this piece. We tried, “the Joyous Robbin, Robin O’ Joy, Rockin’ Robin, Free Bird,” and “Yet Another Bird Painting by Julie.” Hopefully, the title choices give you a good laugh like they did us. I’m not sure if I think it’s “yum” or not. It’s very swirly, colorful, and untidy. In a strange way, I sort of like it. But, after the lemon painting this one feels messy to me even though I was trying for a different effect. With that said, it IS different. 😉

Ironically, if you believe in irony, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about some tough times in my life, some messes I made despite my best efforts. I’m so glad God is in the business of doing life overhauls. Even though He did a big one on my life when I met my husband, He continues to make things even better by putting me in situations that remind me of the pain of the past, which causes me to pray about them, and then He shows me how He has changed things for the better and is making me new through them. He puts a new twist on things. He turns my mess into His masterpiece. He is the King of recycling. 🙂 He takes the old garbage and turns it into something wonderful, usable, beautiful even. If you’ve got some garbage lying around, maybe it’s time to let Him recycle it for you.
God’s blessings.

8 x 10
acrylic w/ oil pastel
gallery wrapped canvas
email for info on purchasing

4 thoughts on “Red Breasted Robin…yum?

  1. Julie, I love this little bird. He looks so bright and cheery. I always love to come your blog and see you art and read your post, which always lifts me up and reminds me of God's grace and love. What a blessing!!

    Get your paintbrushes out girlfriend!!

  2. Carol,
    Thanks for comin' over to check on me! I needed the encouragement. Yesterday was the first time in a month I had both the time and the energy to even pick up a paint brush. I am beginning to feel like myself again and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Hope you and your boys are doing well!
    Thanks, Carol.

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