A Poppy Break


I was taking a break from my school preparations, looking through some websites for art to add to my blah green kitchen sitting room area. I feel like I’m in a hayfield when I’m in there. For someone who loves color so much, ya sure wouldn’t know it by lookin’ in there! Green and tan, shades of brown. Ugh. After browsing several sites I decided to do my own version of a poppy – a little mini inspiration piece… a “poppy” break. Pardon the potty humor. I have a 9 year old. Anyway, here is the result of my little break. A quick slap of color here and there and ‘sigh’ I felt much better. Every once in awhile we all need to stop and take a break to enjoy the beautiful colors in God’s creation.
God bless!

6 x 6
Gallery wrapped canvas

2 thoughts on “A Poppy Break

  1. Jenny,
    Glad to hear that there is some appeal in what I'm doing. I know I enjoy it! Thanks for commenting – and yes, I did enjoy a beverage prior to painting (a little reference to your comment that was NOT postable!) There are so many incredibly talented, classically trained artists out there whose work is so amazing and so way out of my league. I really appreciate you checkin' in on UNtrained me. I sure am having a great time! I'm thrilled you like my poppy! You made my day, girl!

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