In the Pink


This one is another “Windows to the Words Art” challenge. James Parker’s challenge this month is flowers….I don’t do flowers. Or, I didn’t. It IS called a “challenge.” I figured I may as well give it a try. This painting is from a crop of the pink lotus he posted on his blog site. Contributions to the challenge can be seen here. Being that it’s almost Easter, and spring has just begun, I am loving the flowers. My family and I took a short drive today out to some old farm lands, or what’s left of them. It always amazes me how spring just seems to burst forth all at once. Just puts me in a peaceful, calm state of mind. It’s such a gift, spring -like a love note even. Happy Easter. God’s blessings!

8 x 8 x 1-3/8″
acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
contact me if you like this one

One thought on “In the Pink

  1. Indeed a gift, Julie…and quite a wonderful one. Your lovely lotus is in position and gracing Windows to the Words Art… posted and linked. Thanks for sharing your delightful talent.

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